Industrial analyzer complexes
Quality assurance
There are many models in line
in-line type
In-line moisture analyzers:
(Portable, stationary) for measuring dew point
for moisture and hydrocarbons
Gas analyzers (DVK, PDK):
Environmental monitoring, oxygen analyzers,
flue gas analyzers, dust analyzers
Gas analyzers and monitoring
Measurement of CO2, CO, CH4, NO, NO2 and SO2 - anti-dispersive infrared method O2 - paramagnetic method Number of measured components: 5 components, including O2
General Content Analyzers:
Organic carbon (TOC) and chemical oxygen
demand (COD)
Analyzers of physical and chemical properties of petroleum products:
Fractional composition (oil up to 300 degrees C, motor fuels)

Component composition (NGL-LPG, gas condensate, liquids up to C10) - octane (cetane) number (motor fuels)

Saturated vapor pressure (all types of raw materials and n/a)

Flash point (diesel fuel, fuel oil)

Viscosity, density (all types of raw materials and n/a)

Low temperature properties (petroleum, motor fuels, fuel oils)

Color (diesel)
Analyzers of impurities in oil and oil products (salts and water in oil, sulfur content in motor fuels