Own production
Our company will ensure that you find the best solution, taking into account your financial capabilities, technical characteristics and expected operating costs. We will carry out all the necessary calculations, develop the relevant documents and provide support in drawing up the required documentation.
Equipment for petrochemical enterprises
with delivery throughout the Russia
We help carry out import substitution
and reorient to analogues that meet the
requirements of existing and newly
designed solutions to increase the share
of domestic equipment.
Advantage #1
Compliance with international quality standards ANSI, EN, ATEX, NEPSI and other regulatory and technical documents.
Advantage #2
Joint development and production of equipment according to customer drawings.
Advantage #3
Minimum production and delivery times.
Advantage #4
We help carry out import substitution and reorientation to analogues that meet the requirements of existing and newly developed solutions, in order to increase the share of domestic equipment.
We ensure that our products comply with international quality standards such as ANSI, EN, ATEX, NEPSI, as well as other regulatory and technical documents. Our goal is to ensure
that our products comply with the requirements and standards set by the specified organizations and documents. We strive to ensure that our products meet the high standards of safety, performance and reliability required in a variety of industries and regions to ensure the safety and satisfaction of our customers.
Advantage №2
We cooperate with customers, developing and producing equipment according to their drawings. Our experience allows us not only to accurately implement the client’s idea, but also to offer optimizations, improvements and technical expertise for the successful implementation of the project.
Advantage №3
We guarantee minimal time costs for production and delivery. Our team is dedicated to optimizing processes to ensure efficient production and timely fulfillment of orders, satisfying customer needs in the shortest possible time.
Advantage №4
Explore leading product series from
Pump equipment
Industrial pumping equipment
Qдо600м3/ч Ндо4600м
Continuous process monitoring
Creation of information technology for quality management
Continuous process safety and environmental monitoring
Maintenance of equipment throughout its entire service life
Technical and service support
Supply and commissioning of in-line process control analyzers, instrument cabinets, shelters and integrated analyzing complexes
Analyzer complexes
Basis of cooperation:
Complex delivery:
Pipeline accessories
Ball valve
Wedge gate valve
Lift check valve
Дисковый поворотный затвор
Shut-off valve (valve)
Quality assurance
There are many models in line
Quality assurance
There are many models in line
Quality assurance
There are many models in line
ОН1, ОН2:
Qдо2600м3/ч Ндо330м
Qдо550м3/ч Ндо2500м
Qдо18000м3/ч Ндо250м
Qдо2000м3/ч Ндо600м
Qдо800м3/ч Ндо1000м
Qдо1000м3/ч Ндо250м
Qдо2000м3/ч Ндо250м
Continuous quality control of commercial products
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An innovative company in the field of supply of industrial
equipment and pipeline fittings for the energy sector, heating
networks, oil and chemical industries, mining and construction

We supply shut-off and control valves and in-line analyzers
and technological equipment for enterprises in the oil and gas
and chemical industries, nuclear power facilities, mining and
processing plants and housing and communal services facilities.
Ilya Marchenko
Ivan Kutil
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Victor Chumak
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